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Elisabetta Adami seminar at Lancaster University


Elisabetta Adami, University of Leeds

Posted on 27 April by Penny Rivlin

Towards a multimodal analysis of (super)diversity in place

Tuesday 17 May 1:00 – 2:00pm, Literary Research Discussion Group, Lancaster Literary Research Centre, Room C89.

For this seminar Elisabetta has been invited to discuss how she is using a social semiotic approach to conduct a multimodal analysis of (super)diversity in Kirkgate Market – a large socially and ethnically diverse indoor market in Leeds city centre, currently undergoing rapid changes due to redevelopment plans in the area. She explores signs of diversity as expressed in the market place through disembodied modes such as font, writing, colour, display/layout, objects, and image. Drawing on the work of Scollon & Scollon (2003) in their book Discourses in Place, she is setting out routes to develop a multimodal mapping of the place in order to understand: i) how socio-cultural diversity shapes the experience of the place; ii) how diverse people’s activities shape the environment that they inhabit, and iii) what this tells us about the socio-cultural texture of the place.