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Principle Investigator

Dr Paul Bagguley

School of Sociology and Social Policy

Paul is Reader in Sociology and is a member of the Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies. His research interests are primarily located in racism and ethnicity, the sociology of protest, social movements, economic and urban sociologies and sociological theory. In the fields of protest and racism and ethnicity studies, Paul has worked most recently on the 2001 riots, on South Asian women and higher education, and the impacts of the 7/7 London bombings on different ethnic and religious groups in West Yorkshire.


Professor Janet C.E. Watson

School of Languages, Cultures and Societies

Janet is Leadership Chair for Language@Leeds, and was elected Fellow of the British Academy in July 2013. She led Leeds Voices from October-December 2015 (funded by Leeds University’s LHRI Sadler Seminar Series initiative.

After studying Arabic & Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter, Janet studied Linguistics and then completed a PhD on the phonology and morphology of Yemeni Arabic dialects at SOAS, London. She has held academic posts at the Universities of Edinburgh, Durham and Salford, and visiting posts at the universities of Heidelberg (2003-4) and Oslo (2004-5). Janet has conducted qualitative interviews with Kurdish and Arabic speaking traders in Leeds Kirkgate Market.

Professor William Gould

School of History

William’s primary research interests are broadly located in modern Indian history. He has led research and published extensively in relation to Hindu nationalism, the Congress in north India, corruption/anti-corruption and the state in India, and 'Criminal/Denotified Tribes'. In Leeds Voices, William is interested in diverse oral histories of the market, particularly within South Asian migration communities. A Romanian speaker, he has interviewed a Romanian trader in Leeds Kirkgate market.

Dr Sara Gonzalez

School of Geography

Sara is a critical urban geographer, interested in cities as contested urban spaces. She investigates both urban policy making and urban contestation in an international sphere. She has a particular research interest in public markets as alternative forms of retail, and has recently published a report on the state of UK markets and grassroots initiatives to promote and protect them. Link to report:

Dr Yasmin Hussain

School of Sociology and Social Policy

Yasmin is Associate Professor in Ethnicity and Racism Studies and a member of the Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies (CERS). Her main interests focus on ethnicity, gender and terrorism. She has researched the 2001 urban 'riots'; the role of higher education in young South Asian women’s lives; and is currently analysing the impact of the London bombings with Dr Paul Bagguley. Yasmin has interviewed Punjabi speaking traders in Leeds Kirkgate market.

Dr Elisabetta Adami

School of Languages, Cultures and Societies

Since September 2015 Elisabetta has been working as a University Academic Fellow in Multimodal Communication at the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies. With a background in linguistics, she has developed methodologies and empirical research, and published extensively within the recently growing field of multimodal studies. The field combines linguistics, semiotics, and sociology for the study of meaning, communication and representation in all its aspects. Within Leeds Voices, she is interested in (1) mapping the signs of diversity present in Kirkgate Market through the multimodal analysis of writing, image, lettering, colour, architecture, layout, smell and sound; (2) observing how traders and customers use spoken language, gesture, body posture, movement and facial expressions in negotiating and co-constructing meaning with culturally and linguistically diverse others.

Dr Serge Sharoff

School of Languages, Cultures and Societies

Serge is a Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies and member of the Leeds Russian Centre. He is one of the designers of the Russian National Corpus and other corpora, as well as frequency dictionaries of modern Russian, and is currently involved in several projects related to corpus collection and technologies for language learning and translation. Serge has interviewed a Lithuanian speaking trader in Leeds Kirkgate market.

Mr Simon Popple

School of Media and Communication

Simon's primary interests lie in the role that digital archives can play in terms of empowerment and capacity building within the communities they represent, and he aims to explore this potential in Leeds Voices. Over a number of projects, Simon has explored the potential for using archival sources and structures as a basis for creative practice and digital storytelling, and he is increasingly interested in the potential for these activities to take place in ‘open space’ – beyond the context of the institution. Simon recently led the AHRC Connected Communities funded Pararchive project (

Mr Tom Jackson

Research Associate in New Media

Tom’s primary area of research is sensory ethnography. Bringing together interests in cross-modal perception, anthropology, cultural geography and digital media, he proposes new sensory research methods. Through the design and development of digital tools, such as multisensory, spatial and participatory virtual archives and immersive and embodied audiovisual recordings, his work aims to explore the relationships between sensory experience and cultural phenomena.

Research Associate

Dr Penny Rivlin

School of Sociology and Social Policy

Penny was the RA for Leeds Voices from September 2015 - January 2017. Penny's background is in Sociology, and she has worked on a number of projects that explore the interrelationships between ‘community’, identity, urban spaces and the digital. Penny’s primary interests are located in social class, gender, ethnicity, everyday sustainabilities and diverse food cultures. She conducted fieldwork in Leeds Kirkgate market, and interviewed traders (in English) who occupy a range of linguistic, ethnic and cultural locations.

Penny is Lecturer in Media and Communication in the School of Media and Communication.

Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholar

Rianna Harree

Rianna is an English and French undergraduate student, working on the Leeds Voices project as part of her Undergraduate Research & Leadership Scholarship award. Her primary interests are located in ethnicity, gender and visual culture. She is particularly interested in working with North African and South Asian communities within the market. After her studies at Leeds, she is hoping to complete an MSc in Social Anthropology.

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